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Discover the flexibility of our Membership! With this option, you have the freedom to use your tickets in any way you prefer throughout the season. Bring a guest, bring two – it's up to you! You can even catch a show twice if you'd like. Membership tickets are valid for any regular season performance (excluding fundraisers).


Our memberships are a wonderful way to great theatre at a great price. You get eight tickets in your membership package - those tickets are yours to use ANY way you want, so you get to build your theatre season. Use them to bring friends, come back and see a show multiple times, keep 'em all for yourself.

The tickets in your membership can be used in any combination for regular Season 44 productions for the Mainstage, THE BOX, and Youth Theatre Series. This allows you to pick out what show you want to see, how many tickets you will use for each show, see the same show twice, etc.

To use your season tickets, just call Lindsay at 712-255-9536. If you get voice mail, simply leave a message with your date of attendance, number of seats, and seating preference; Lindsay will give you a call back to confirm your seats are reserved.

In addition to bringing guests, you may let guests use your tickets in your stead if you are unable to make it to a performance.

Keep in mind that your season tickets are only good for this season! They do not roll over.


Adults: $105
Seniors: $90

Tickets: 8*

Ticket Discounts: Take $2 off the purchase of additional tickets (up to 4)

Flexibility: Members can reschedule with no additional charge

*Early Bird Memberships (purchased before August 1st) provide 8 tickets instead of 6 per membership. After Aug. 1, all memberships purchased will only have 6 available season tickets.


  • Exchanges + Rescheduling
  • As a Gift
  • Transferring


As a valued season member, you enjoy the flexibility to reschedule without any fees. Additionally, you have the option to cancel a reservation in advance, and the ticket value will be refunded for use at another show. It's important to note that if you have reservations and don't attend without prior notice, that ticket will be considered used.


Season Memberships are perfect as gifts! When buying them, please consider the age of the recipient for the membership, not your own.


In the event that a membership cannot be used by the original owner due to circumstances like health issues or relocation, the remaining portion of the membership can be transferred to another person. Please reach out to Lindsay at 712-255-9536 to coordinate the transfer.