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The Outsider

A political comedy by Paul Slade Smith


April 5 - 14,  2024 

Ned Newley doesn't even want to be governor. He's terrified of public speaking; his poll numbers are impressively bad. To his ever-supportive Chief of Staff, Ned seems destined to fail. But political consultant Arthur Vance sees things differently: Ned might be the worst candidate to ever run for office. Unless the public is looking for... the worst candidate to ever run for office. A timely and hilarious comedy that skewers politics and celebrates democracy. (An Insightful, Funny, & Timely Premiere)


"Funny, timely, and dare we say, entirely possible, The Outsider is a wonderfully crafted, superbly presented show... It is an insightful, witty satire about modern American politics that will appeal to a vast audience."
Broadway World
"Mr. Smith deserves to go to Washington, and all around our nation, with this inspired satire."
Green Bay Press