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Tracy Jones

A new comedy by Stephen Kaplan

May 10-19,  2024 

Tracy Jones has rented out the back "party room" of Jones Street Bar and Grill: the Place for Wings and Things. Tracy Jones is throwing a party to which she's invited every woman in the world who is also named Tracy Jones. Tracy Jones has been sitting for over an hour alone, nursing her Diet Coke, waiting for any other Tracy Joneses to show up. Tracy Jones' epic loneliness is about to be tested beyond anything she ever imagined.  (Regional Premiere)


“The production makes an absurdly comedic world feel vivid and convincing...Almost the entire hour and 40 minutes straddles the line between evoking laughter and pity, and often both simultaneously.”
Rochester City
“Tracy Jones is one of those rare theatrical treats: it's a brilliantly-written play, masterfully directed, featuring an insanely talented cast. It's pretty rare to be treated to the trifecta of excellence in writing, directing, and performing all in one production…”
Broadway World
"It feels even more relevant and meaningful and moving right now coming out of the pandemic and the lockdowns and all those things...I want everyone to see it and go through a little catharsis of the collective trauma we’ve all dealt with. Come laugh with us and cry with us and say that we really can all get through this. It is a wonderful reminder that the best thing we can do is remember that all we have is each other.”
Lansing State Journal
"This script is a delicate balance of anxious loneliness and farcical laughs...Tracy Jones is a human farce of loneliness and the universal need to connect...Come for the laughs and leave with a better appreciation for the social links in your world."
Greater Lansing Theatre
"Late Night host Seth Myers has a recurring feature called The Kind of Story We Need Right Now where he offers stories that reinvigorate our faith in humanity. Williamston Theatre’s production of Tracy Jones, by Stephen Kaplan, is that kind of story, cutting to the heart of the human need for connection. A sort of Breakfast Club for contemporary adult audiences, Tracy Jones is a poignant reminder that human beings are complex, flawed, and fragile and that we can relate to each other under the most tenuous connections."
Lansing City Pulse